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The Quest For Clear Skin

Victoria Reynolds
February 16, 2023
By: Victoria Reynolds
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Clear skin can seem like a fantasy, especially if you’re battling one of the world’s most common skin conditions. We tend to think of acne as a teenage issue, the scourge of puberty.

Then we reach adulthood and realise this is a complete myth! Over half of adults experience acne after the age of 25, so how can we ever experience the glass skin complexion of our dreams?

Under The Surface

Know your enemy. That timeless advice is very apt in the fight for clear skin – understanding what causes acne is the key to eradicating it.

Teenage acne is very similar to adult acne, which affects 50% of women in their 20s and 25% in their 40s, according to Yale Medicine. It’s a matter of hair follicles becoming clogged with oils, skin cells and bacteria. Glands in the follicles release oil known as sebum to moisturise the skin and hair, but sometimes an excessive amount is produced and this clogs up the pores. The result is acne, which can range from pimples to black and whiteheads.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes the causes are beyond our control, but changes to our diet, cleanliness and well-being can pave the way for clearer skin. For example, the amount of oil produced is directly related to the stress hormone, cortisol. Meditation, exercising and relaxing can all help to reduce stress and oil content. Lack of sleep can also kickstart cortisol production, so prioritising rest is another good move.

We’ve all heard about the link between chocolate and acne, but the link isn’t all that strong. Instead of concentrating on one particular food, focus on a diet that is healthy and unprocessed, where you consume the ‘rainbow of vegetables’ and the right amount of pure protein each day. One exception is spicy food, as it can cause irritation and inflammation. The sweat doesn’t help either, as it obstructs the follicles even further!

Clean Skin Equals Clear Skin

The fight for clear skin continues in front of the bathroom mirror.

There are some golden rules for skincare when considering acne, the first being to remove every trace of makeup or skincare products every night! Makeup residue is just one more thing to clog up your pores, which is why it’s good to use a gentle cleanser every day, supplemented by retinol. The emphasis is on ‘gentle’, as scrubbing too hard aggravates the skin. Furthermore, stripping away the skin’s natural oils will encourage your body to produce more of them, leading to more breakouts.

When it comes to products, remember that excess oil is your enemy. Be on the lookout for labels that say ‘non-comedogenic’, ‘oil-free’ and ‘won’t clog pores’. If you’re unsure, then come to us! We can advise you on science-based skincare, straight from AlumierMD.

Elysium Treatments

My final piece of advice would be to see a skin expert, especially if they have an array of state-of-the-art treatments!

Elysium boasts a collection of procedures aimed at reducing acne, starting with our Alumier skin peel. It’s a very simple treatment, where we apply an acid-based concoction to the skin, causing the surface layers to peel away and reveal a bright, soft complexion. I can recommend peels that specifically target acne using custom ingredients, erasing acne gradually over several sessions.

That’s not the only way we can cultivate clear skin! Our Plasma Shower lets us send energy from plasma throughout the skin, with each layer experiencing something different. The dermis stimulates more collagen for tighter, stretchier skin and the epidermis increases absorption for more effective product use. Last but not least, it sterilises the surface, putting you on the path to beautiful clear skin!

Ready to Book A Consultation?

Let’s go on this journey together! Book a consultation by heading to my website, where you can also browse my other treatments.

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