Our 2022 Aesthetics Treatment Review 

Victoria Reynolds
December 18, 2022
By: Victoria Reynolds
2 Min Read

It’s certainly been an excellent year, especially for Elysium!

We’ve performed countless procedures, including a brand new aesthetics treatment here and there. Our services have been much sought-after, including some of the most on-trend beauty treatments of 2022!

Now, it’s no surprise that dermal fillers have continued to be popular. They’ve been a leading treatment across the world for years thanks to their amazing repertoire. Laser hair removal has also soared, but I’m thinking about our more unusual aesthetics treatments, the ones you might not have even heard of until now. Which of those were trending this year?

Super Cool, All Year Round

Come summer, come winter, there’s one treatment that is always very cool. Cryolipolysis is a seemingly futuristic aesthetics treatment that uses the power of freezing to achieve a sleeker profile!

We achieve these results using our UltimatePro machine. The Cryolipolysis function works by placing gel pads and special applicators above an area of fatty deposit, which then cools the area right down. Under the surface, targeted fat cells freeze and die off, while healthy cells continue to function completely unaffected. The unwanted cells break down naturally and are removed via the body’s drainage system, while the remaining cells spread out for even contouring. 

There’s no downtime and no damage, either to tissue or to the skin, which means you can embrace the quick and simple process without feeling nervous. Results can even last for several years! Is it any wonder it’s on the rise?

A Skin-Deep Aesthetics Treatment 

Skin-deep doesn’t have to be a criticism, it doesn’t simply suggest that something is superficial or ineffective. We take it as a compliment! We love rejuvenating the surface of the skin, watching dull complexions transform into bright, clear ones. Apparently, we’re not the only ones, with skin peels catching the attention of celebrities and being promoted in magazines such as Forbes and Cosmopolitan

Skin peels do exactly what their name suggests. When a practitioner applies a thin layer of a chemical solution to the face, the patient’s top layer of skin starts to peel away, encouraging a new layer of fresh, healthy new cells to form. This simple procedure can improve tone and texture, restore firmness and even help erase fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin and dramatically reducing acne. It’s a highly effective facial, which is performed all over the world, but we offer a special experience at Elysium. 

For one thing, our skin peels are from AlumierMD, a luxurious skin brand with over 100 years of expertise. They believe in repeat peels for gradual results and gentle improvement, which we supplement with special pre and post-treatment products for healing and soothing. After a while, the skin gets used to the exfoliating process and starts to do it all on its own!

Now you’re photo-ready – not just for a season, but for the long term!

Non-Surgical Facelift

Finally, we turn to one of our latest acquisitions! Non-surgical facelifts are a real gem of an aesthetics treatment, resculpting your appearance without any sign of a scalpel. 

We offer non-surgical facelifts using super-strong biodegradable threads, which we use to create temporary sutures in the face, neck or jowls, before pulling sagging skin back and suspending it in place. MINT™ PDO threads only lift the skin by a couple of millimetres, creating a subtle, natural-looking rejuvenation, while the process stimulates collagen production for 6-8 months. With immediate, long-lasting results, thread lifts could end up being as famous as dermal fillers!

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This is just the beginning! Visit our website to browse a host of services. If you’re interested in an aesthetics treatment that I’ve mentioned here, contact us or book in for a consultation.

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