Gentlo, The New Path To Dream Skin

Victoria Reynolds
October 21, 2022
By: Victoria Reynolds
2 Min Read

Dream skin can be a reality with Elysium’s new device!

Gentlo is a radical new machine that harnesses the powers of microneedling and radiofrequency to improve almost any skin concern, from severe acne and scarring, stretch marks to sagging. It’s not just dream skin that’s within your grasp, as Gentlo uses five different techniques to conquer everything from enlarged pores to sebaceous cysts!

A Device From The Future

The full list of Gentlo’s abilities includes skin tightening, retexturizing, fat reduction and minimising enlarged pores, as well as reducing active acne, scarring and stretch marks. In addition, it offers feminine rejuvenation for increased comfort, so that you can feel relaxed about every part of your body.

Gentlo revolves around two methods of stimulating collagen, the fibre responsible for skin structure and strength. The microneedling element creates tiny pricks in the dermis and epidermis, prompting the body’s healing response. Fresh collagen and elastin are summoned to the surface to heal these microtraumas, regenerating new cells that cover the damaged ones to create a smooth and rejuvenated complexion. Meanwhile, the device sends radiofrequency heat energy into the layers of the skin, rebuilding collagen from the inside and remodelling the area for a tight, glowing and better-contoured appearance. As collagen and elastin abound in young skin but steadily deplete as we get older, this treatment is a reliable route to reclaiming your dream skin and the complexion of your youth.

Gentlo’s Five Wonders

Gentlo’s five technologies permit five different approaches, tailoring the treatment to an individual in a truly innovative fashion.

The technologies include RF (radio frequency) microneedling, which gives you a deeper but minimally-invasive treatment that requires fewer clinic visits. In contrast, the RF Circle concentrates on stimulating collagen with relaxing weekly sessions. These techniques smooth away imperfections on the surface, while the plasma option is used to sterilise and hydrate the skin itself, treating active acne, toning and retexturizing the complexion and infusing products into the dermis without using any invasive measures.

Meanwhile, the RF Needle treats uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing sebaceous cysts, helping you to renew your confidence using a procedure that is both effective and safe.

The final technology, RF Vaginal, attends to feminine rejuvenation, using heat energy to gently correct urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity and dryness. The process is completely non-invasive, using heat energy to treat this delicate area and improve the quality of your private life.

The Cost Of Dream Skin

Time, lost energy, discomfort… the cost of using the Gentlo machine is much less than you might imagine, from the initial experience to the aftercare process!

You should experience no pain during the actual treatment, with a topical anaesthetic cream on hand to ensure maximum comfort, while downtime is virtually non-existent. Any redness, stinging or itchiness experienced after your treatment is part of the process rather than an unfortunate side effect. It marks the healing process as the body starts to produce more collagen.

To achieve your dream skin using the Gentlo method, we advise you to book in three 30-minute sessions at six-week intervals, followed by maintenance sessions every six months. Improvement starts to show within just one week, with your fully rejuvenated dream skin on display after 4-6 weeks!

Book Your Consultation

I’m delighted to bring this game-changer to Elysium. If I’ve piqued your interest, get in touch or book a consultation to start your Gentlo journey!

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