MINT​​™ PDO Threads Are Coming To Elysium!

Victoria Reynolds
November 15, 2022
By: Victoria Reynolds
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Elysium just keeps on growing. First the WOW Fusion® device, then skin rejuvenation with Gentlo, and now PDO threads from MINT™!

These threads are instrumental for state-of-the-art non-surgical facelifts, tightening and contouring the face with subtlety and precision without any need for extensive downtime and recovery.

A Stitch In Time

We can struggle to recognise ourselves in the mirror as the years tick by, bringing with them thinning skin and depleted collagen. However, we can create a real-life stitch in time with PDO threads, following a type of procedure that’s been available for over a century!

PDO threads are strong biodegradable threads, which can be used to create temporary sutures in the face, jowls and neck, pulling sagging skin back and suspending it in place. Inserted through a tiny tube, these threads lift the skin by a few millimetres, creating a subtle and natural-looking facelift. 

Not only is Elysium on the brink of offering thread lifts, I have become qualified in PDO threads from MINT™! These have been created with the newest technology, imbuing them with extra tensile strength to perform the most robust thread lifts. The threads have been precisely designed to be low-risk, minimising trauma and recovery, with not one but two FDA clearances testifying to their safety. You’re in safe hands with MINT™, the latest technique from the Korean aesthetics industry!

The Hidden Bonus Of PDO Threads

There are no hidden traps with MINT™ PDO threads, only hidden treasures!

Not only do they create a more youthful and shapely appearance, tucking away excess skin and defining your features, they prompt a resurgence of collagen. This might not mean anything to you, but collagen is one of the natural proteins responsible for giving your skin strength, hydration, structure and integrity. It depletes as you age, which is the main reason why you experience wrinkles and sagging in the first place. 

However, when we insert the PDO threads, your body reacts with its natural healing response. This involves summoning new collagen to strengthen, hydrate and regenerate the skin. What’s more, your clever body will keep on producing collagen for as long as it detects the threads in your skin, refreshing and revitalising your appearance until they dissolve at about 6 – 8 months post-procedure. 

Where’s The Catch?

It seems too good to be true, but there’s no catch!

The entire treatment only takes about 30 minutes, letting you slot this confidence-boosting session within a regular lunch break. You might be nervous or uncomfortable about the prospect of a needle, but PDO threads are inserted with a specially-designed fine needle, with numbing creams available to minimise the slight discomfort you might experience. We’ll go through the aftercare with you in detail but, instead of extensive rest and recovery, you can go back to your normal activities in 1 or 2 weeks. 

PDO threads work almost immediately, letting you see the difference the moment you walk out of our clinic, although you can see the full glamorous results about 12 weeks after the appointment. These results will stay with you for 12 – 18 months, in contrast to the 6 – 8 months that you might be used to from dermal fillers

It’s a fascinating option that you may not have come across before and you might be raring to go after this introduction. However, MINT™ PDO threads require advanced skills to ensure your safety, which is why it’s important to check that your practitioner is qualified.

Book Your Consultation

Get ahead of the game by contacting us or booking in for a consultation. Elysium is the perfect place to begin your MINT™ journey. 

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