Unleash Your Radiance with Elysium’s Christmas Glow Up!

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As the golden hues of autumn leaves begin to fade and the crisp air of winter beckons, it’s not just nature that undergoes a transformation – so does your skin. At Elysium, we’re devoted to ensuring that your transition through the seasons is as radiant and confident as you are.

Why the Christmas Glow Up?

Our bespoke treatment, carefully curated and timed to perfection, ensures you step into each phase of the changing seasons with revitalized skin that not only meets the eye but is felt from within.

An Exclusive Ensemble of Treatments

Adorned with the stamp of quality and innovation, our HA Derma protocols infuse the revered Profhilo and Viscoderm treatments. Imagine skin that’s not just seen, but felt – smoother, hydrated, and kissed with the essence of youth.

Your Journey to Radiance – Unveiled

  • October: Begin with the soothing touch of Profhilo, breathing life and vitality into every pore.
  • November: Amplify the rejuvenation with a second Profhilo session, ensuring consistency and depth in your glow.
  • December: Conclude with the royal touch of Viscoderm, sealing in the allure of youthfulness.

A Symphony of Elegance at an Exclusive Price

Step into the realm of Elysium’s Christmas Glow Up for just £695 – a sanctuary of luxury valued at £960.

Seize this limited-time invitation by 15th October, beyond which, the golden gates of this offer ascend to £750 until the end of October.

Your Key to Transformation

Just 10 esteemed guests will have the privilege to embark on this journey before the grand unveiling on social media. A rendezvous where clinician expertise and aesthetic artistry unite, awaits.

Safety, Elegance, Confidence

Rest assured, every step is a dance between safety and innovation, led by the seasoned hands of Victoria. A preliminary consultation unveils a personalized pathway to your radiant transformation.

Embrace the Elysium Experience

The metamorphosis from the crisp allure of autumn to the serene embrace of winter is a journey of elegance, confidence, and radiance. And it begins with a single, transformative step – a step into the world of Elysium.

Unlock the golden opportunity to glow, flourish, and unveil a radiant you that transcends the seasons.

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