Laser Hair Removal

A safe and effective method for long-term hair reduction using laser technology, targeting hair follicles to prevent future hair growth and provide smooth and hair-free skin.

Laser hair removal is one of THE most popular aesthetic treatments for men and women. Permanent removal or substantial reduction of unwanted hair can be achieved which gives dramatic results whether you’re male, female, trans, young or old

Procedure Timing
30 mins
2 Days
Discomfort Level
Side Effects
How long it lasts
0 Years
Number of Treatments Needed
Subscription / Bundle Available

There are many options around for hair removal from shaving, creams, waxing, plucking and they can be time-consuming, ineffective, sometimes cause rashes and ingrown hairs and can over time become very expensive. Each of the hair removal methods have drawbacks and risks. The lack of permanence being their main issue and that’s where laser hair removal can be a welcome option.

Laser hair removal at Elysium is a medical procedure that utilises three wavelengths to achieve maximum results and versatility when compared to single-wavelength lasers. The laser uses intense heat energy via the laser beam to destroy hair follicles and prevent future hair growth.

The three laser wavelengths are held in a single handpiece which simultaneously targets different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle. The combination of different penetration and absorption levels of these wavelengths, combined with the speed of delivery, you can be assured you will be receiving one of the safest and most comprehensive hair removal solutions today.

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