Wrinkle relaxing and anti-aging injections and treatments

Wrinkle relaxing and anti-aging injectables are one of the most popular form of medical cosmetic treatment today. Anti-aging injections are used in the treatment of frown lines, forehead lines and crow's feet around the eyes. They can also be used to stop the mouth from drooping at the corners, reduce neck bands and to create an eyebrow lift. Treatments can be directed to specific areas so if you want to lessen the frown line in between the brow but keep the nice 'laughter lines' around your eyes that is entirely possible.

How does the treatment work? Over time, our skin creases in the areas where we use our facial muscles the most - if you frown a lot, you develop lines between your eyebrows, if you raise your eyebrows a lot you develop lines on your forehead. Treatment temporarily inactivates the muscles, giving you time to break the habit of using them repeatedly and giving your skin time to recover. The treatment only takes around 15 to 30 minutes and consists of a few tiny injections in the area to be treated. Within two weeks, the wrinkles you were so used to seeing in the mirror will have started to fade or disappeared altogether. For the first couple of years, frequent treatments (three monthly) are required to 're-educate' the facial muscles. Thereafter, treatments are less frequent until a yearly maintenance treatment is normally all that is required.

You can read more about non-surgical aesthetic treatments on the Save Face website here



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